Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Halloween Cupcakes

I am abit late in posting this, i started making cakes about a year or so after my daughter was born managed to save up for a Kenwood mixer and i love it but unfortunately have not used it as much as i have hoped recently. I got pregnant with my son who has just turned 7 months old and i had alot of complications with my pregnancy with me having a CVS procedure at 13 weeks, bleeding throughout pregnancy and plenty of extra scans but that is a whole extra post!

They were quite fun since i had not made anything for a while. My first time in trying chocolate decorations/writing, which turned out ok. Pitty my instagram pictures are abit pixilated though :(

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I am here!

I've not wrote in weeks now, it's silly because i actually have loads to write about! Slimming world, my new wrap, Halloween cakes! I'm not sure if it would be daft to write about them still or not. I am still here :)