Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Halloween Cupcakes

I am abit late in posting this, i started making cakes about a year or so after my daughter was born managed to save up for a Kenwood mixer and i love it but unfortunately have not used it as much as i have hoped recently. I got pregnant with my son who has just turned 7 months old and i had alot of complications with my pregnancy with me having a CVS procedure at 13 weeks, bleeding throughout pregnancy and plenty of extra scans but that is a whole extra post!

They were quite fun since i had not made anything for a while. My first time in trying chocolate decorations/writing, which turned out ok. Pitty my instagram pictures are abit pixilated though :(

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I am here!

I've not wrote in weeks now, it's silly because i actually have loads to write about! Slimming world, my new wrap, Halloween cakes! I'm not sure if it would be daft to write about them still or not. I am still here :)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ribena Plus Review

I received my first BzzCampain just over a month ago, which i got to try out the new Ribena Plus for free :)

I don't normally buy Ribena cartons as my daughter has always preferred Robinson's Fruit Shoots but I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new Ribena cartons to try. When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how good they looked and I knew they would be perfect to take on our family holiday.

As soon as we arrived at our holiday destination we introduced the cartons to our daughter. She was skeptical at first as she doesn't really like change. She kept requesting Fruit Shoots but we persisted with the cartons. Once she tried one she must have enjoyed it because she kept requesting another one everytime she needed a drink.

There are two things that I would say that are negative towards the cartons. Firstly the straws often break away from the carton and tend to go missing as your carrying them. Secondly for a three year old, it is very easy to sqeeze the carton which ends up squirting the juice everywhere.

Despite the two last negative comments, my daughter loved them and I'll definitely be buying them again.

Ribena Plus comes in four different flavours
Summer Fruits
Red Apple
Apple & Peach
They also have added vitamins, Calcium and Vitamins A, C and E which is great for kids and most other brands do not have added vitamins, which is great!

Lastly Ribena Plus comes in handy 200ml cartons which is great for lunchboxes, 500ml bottles for out and about or 850ml concentrate bottles.

For more information visit

These opinions are my own and i recived them free from BzzAgent for my honest opinion and to spread the word.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Back from Butlins Skegness

Well my daughter seemed to have a 24hour bug and was fine to go away :) Yey!
We had booked a Monday to Friday break with me, my OH and our 2 kids (4months and a 3 year old) and booked a silver apartment, the first time using the apartments, last time we rented a caravan in the caravan park but we were with family last time.

Arriving and getting our key cards was quick and easy and arrived at about 3 and we could use all of the facillities were allowed in the apartment at 4. The apartment was clean and had just about everything we needed, oven, kettle etc...only thing I could complain about was the carpet in the living room looked like it could do with cleaning and looked abit grubby, the bedroom carpets looked new. Oh and it poured it down one night and there was a big puddle outside our door which was on the second floor and we had to step out of the way. We had 2 bedrooms 1 double bed and 2 single beds. We pushed the double bed to the wall so I could co-sleep with the youngest and pushed the 2 single beds together as they were a little high for my daughter who has just turned 3.

The next day we went for a meal at the the sun & moon, we went there 2 years ago and the food tasted great and looked fab for the price. This time we ordered 2 burgers and a kids meal for Freya, our meal came and one OHs burger was still pink in the middle and did not look like it was cooked properly :( his other burger was fine and mine looked fine too but I was really put off, staff were fine and re cooked his burger. We did not return, gutted it was a lovely place before. Freya's meal looked like it was from the freezer or something.

We tried the new Italian restaurant the next day, OH got some lamb meal and I got a pizza and Freya got meatball spaghetti, the food was awesome and we got served pretty fast, even my daughter loved it! We liked it a lot and decided to go on the last night but the service was completely different we did get seated pretty much straight away but we waited about 20-30 mins just to take our drink order (which never happened) our daughter was desperate for a drink as she has just been to a show before and was running and dancing about allot and was getting VERY restless and we walked out, no staff noticed, great!

Entertainment was great, Freya seemed to love it she made some "friends" although we didn't go to any of the "big" shows, I don't think Freya would have sat through one.
Freya loved the small rides but there was only 4 of them and one you had to pay for, so I guess she could have got easily bored. The big rides she was just under the height to go on with me or OH (she's a small 3year old) we did all go on the carousel though.

There is so much more I could write but I don't have the time right now but you probably get the jist of it :) we would go back but I think I want to try center parcs next time, not that we go on holiday often ha!
Sorry for any spelling mistakes etc...

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Holidays and illness

My daughter woke up crying today and she only does that when she is ill, brought her downstairs and she wasn't herself. She had some juice and about 20 minutes later she puked it back up. I always hate having sick kids but we are off on holiday on Monday, fingers crossed she is better and has not passed it on to me or my OH. Now that would be a rubbish holiday! This is the first time going away with just me and OH and 2 kids, one 3 year old and a 4month old. I just hope it's a relaxing week, I need a break.

I'm not sure when to start packing, tonight or tomorrow. Known me I'll do it at the last miniute and get stressed, ha! Just taking my wrap and mei tai to carry squidge, never needed a pram so far. Hopefully we won't need to rent one out, fingers crossed.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Follow me!

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I wasn't sure if i should start a blog or not because i don't seem to have much time but i thought i would give it a go! It's been YEARS since i have owned a blog so i'm not exactly sure what is new.
This blog will be about me and my family and possibly my competition entries, haha! 

I'm Sarah a babywearing a mam of 2 who loves baking and entering competitions. I love heavy metal too!