Saturday, 7 September 2013

Holidays and illness

My daughter woke up crying today and she only does that when she is ill, brought her downstairs and she wasn't herself. She had some juice and about 20 minutes later she puked it back up. I always hate having sick kids but we are off on holiday on Monday, fingers crossed she is better and has not passed it on to me or my OH. Now that would be a rubbish holiday! This is the first time going away with just me and OH and 2 kids, one 3 year old and a 4month old. I just hope it's a relaxing week, I need a break.

I'm not sure when to start packing, tonight or tomorrow. Known me I'll do it at the last miniute and get stressed, ha! Just taking my wrap and mei tai to carry squidge, never needed a pram so far. Hopefully we won't need to rent one out, fingers crossed.

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